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k9 Freekz


About K9 Freekz Rescue

K9 Freekz is a 501c3 dog rescue licensed in the state of Nebraska.  We are a foster based, 100% non-profit rescue, based out of Kearney, Nebraska. This means we do not have a physical location, but instead, work entirely through foster homes alone. We have fosters throughout the state of Nebraska. We also have foster partners in the surrounding states (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, etc.)


Our goal is to assist dogs nation wide that are abandoned, homeless, abused, neglected, sick, etc.

We do this by placing dogs in foster homes, utilizing local veterinarians to provide medical care, and providing a patient, loving environment with comfort, warmth and a soft bed.

All dogs are assessed on an individual basis before being placed in a foster home and for adoption. All dogs will also be spayed or neutered before going to their furever home. We encourage adoptions near and far!

We are funded by donations through fundraising, adoption fees, generous donors and pledges on Facebook as well as through the Kearney Area Community Foundation. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Donations of $250+ are a tax write off due to our 501c3 status!


We work closely with local and out of state shelters and in no way compete with any organization doing the same work. Our goal is to enhance shelter and rescue programs as well as assist other rescues in saving as many dogs as we can, hand in hand.

Our #1 priority is K-9 welfare and prevention of animal cruelty.

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