Our Recent Successes


Brooklee, a pit mix, has a sad story with a happy ending.  She was the victim of an abusive couple.  We were contacted by another rescue and gladly assisted in taking her in.  While in a foster home with us she had accidentally got out of the fenced in yard and hit by a car who never stopped.  Sadly her leg had to be amputated.  The wonderful family that found her, injured and scared, fell madly in love with her and adopted her!!  Today she is loved unconditionally and spoiled rotten!!

Meet Elsa, a white pittie!  At 7 months old, she was hit by a car and left for dead.  She had shattered both back legs and was going to need extensive surgery and rehabilitation.  We took her in and got her the care she needed.  After her surgery and a very long recovery with wonderful foster parents, she was adopted within days!  She's living the dream life now with a fur sibling!

Gracie, a pittie mix,  was found abandoned and full of porcupine quills.  (guess the porcupine won the fight)  After getting her treated, her foster parents nursed her back to health and we found the perfect new mommy for her!  She's such a sweet girl and loved so much!  

Miss Piper, a beagle, was one of the 10 pups we rescued from Hurricane Harvey.  Her first home did not work out but it was just a few short days later her furever family snatched her up and is giving her the best life!  She is loved by her human siblings and her recently added fur brother Bruno who came from our rescue too!!!

Mr. Ruger, a mastiff mix, was one of our longest and hardest residents.  He was given up by his family, after being kept in a bathroom with other dogs, resulting in horrible separation anxiety.  Through lots of training and love he finally found the perfect home! Ruger is spoiled rotten and loves trucking with his dad! He's even been lucky enough to have a spa day in Mexico!

L.D. aka Grandpa, a cocker spaniel, was found abandoned in the country wandering around.  He is an older guy around 10 years old and is deaf and mostly blind.  Thankfully a good citizen found him and contacted us.  His foster parents took him in, fell in love with him and a few short weeks later made the announcement that he was home and he was going to spend the rest of his life with them!!!

Phillmore, a black mouth cur, spent his entire life on a chain in a backyard until a neighbor turned him into the shelter in Wichita.  His collar was embedded into his neck and his poor ears were so tore up from fly strikes.  With only a hours left before being euthanized we broke him out and brought him to Nebraska.  It wasn't and easy road with him but after several months, lots of training and love he is now thriving in his new home!

Miss Remi, a boxer mix, came to us all the way from Oklahoma.  We were contacted by a friend of ours who found her dumped in the woods down there.  She was emaciated, full of ticks, & skittish at only 12 weeks old.  Today she has grown into a beautiful, smart girl!


This little girl was so faithful, she was found next laying next to her deceased human at only 8 months old, then with nobody to step up to take her,  ending up on death row at the shelter in Wichita... we nabbed her in the nick of time.  She ended up going through 3 boarding facilities, 2 fosters and 5 potential adopters, before landing with her furever humans... taking 10 months.  Poppy is very special to all of us... She finally came out of her shell, showed us her sweet and quirky personality and we just love her!  Happy Trails Miss Poppy.  You have earned being spoiled and being the queen of your castle!